Implants for Dentures

When your Dentist has determined your oral health would be best served by removing the existing teeth from your jaw(s), Dr. Jacks will consult you on your eligibility, the process, and the surgical procedure.  There are two categorical possibilities to consider:

1) Over-denture:  A denture that is retained (stabilized) by implants but otherwise resembles the same  construct as a conventional denture.  This denture is connected to dental implants via components known as locators.  The patient can "snap" the denture into place, and remove it accordingly. 


2) Hybrid:  A denture that is supported (fixed) by implants and is designed to be stronger and leaner.  Unlike a conventional denture or over-denture, this denture does not rest on the tissues of the mouth and is permanently connected to dental implants.  Sometimes referred to as "Teeth-in-a-day" or "All-on-4", this prosthetic concept gives a patient the closest alternative to having a natural bite and enjoying an unrestricted diet. 


In addition to the above-mentioned options, variations exist based on the complexity of reconstructive needs.  Many times, patients will combine the over-denture concept for the upper jaw (maxilla) but choose the hybrid concept for the lower jaw (mandible).  

Also, even more complex options exist when extreme cases present.  For example, those patients with excessive loss of bone (atrophy) from the upper jaw (maxilla) may require Zygomatic or ptyerigoid implants for necessary support.  Dr. Jacks has performed dozens of such cases and is considered the leading authority for Lane County. 


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