Head and Neck Pathology

Not all symptoms cause discomfort at early stages.  Getting regular head and neck exams from your physician or dentist is a way to identify pathology and prevent lesions from becoming advanced.  Many times a minimal surgical intervention is all that will be required.  Some of the most common diseases requiring a visit to the Oral Surgeon involve:

  • Oral mucosal lesions (gum tissue)
  • Jaw cysts and tumors
  • Sinus infections and pathology
  • Nasal polyps, enlarged turbinates
  • Salivary gland diseases
  • Skin lesions and cancers

 Dr. Jacks will discuss the specifics of your case:

  1. Review your health history.
  2. Perform a clinical exam and review any necessary x-rays.
  3. Review a Differential Diagnosis.
  4. Discuss the need for a biopsy.
  5. Discuss the appropriate level of anesthesia (most prefer local numbing shots).
  6. Pre-op and Post-op details.
  7. Scheduling and fees.

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