Navident- Navigated Surgery

During the last 10 years, improvements in surgical technique have provided the "next wave" for dental implant success.  For challenging implant surgeries, free-handed placement of implants- while acceptable in the hands of a highly experienced oral surgeon- have proven to be equal at best but often slightly less optimal than Guided Surgery.  Guided Surgery requires pre-planning with a computer that combines specific software and the X-ray images of patient's jaw bone so to better predict the ideal placement of dental implants.  A stent (plastic guide) is custom made to direct the surgical location of the dental implant based on the pre-planned program.  

Today, the most current technique is Navigated Surgery.  Technology borrowed from brain surgery, Navigated Surgery uses similar computer based software and X-ray images used in Guided Surgery, but adds real-time dynamic positioning for the most accurate placement of dental implants.   Dr Jacks is the only oral surgeon and dentist in Lane County that is trained to offer this service.

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