Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)

Corrective jaw surgery is performed for those patients where traditional orthodontics (braces) cannot bring the teeth into a normal, stable, and reliable bite.  A plethora of conditions can exist to exacerbate this problem.  Common diagnoses are listed:

  • Hypoplastic mandible:  Small or pushed-back lower jaw causing an "over-bite."
  • Transverse deficiency of the maxilla:  Upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw causing a "cross-bite."
  • Hypoplastic maxilla:  Small or pushed-back upper jaw causing an "under-bite."
  • Hyperplastic mandible:  Enlarged lower jaw causing an "under-bite."
  • Facial/Jaw asymmetry:  One  side of the face/jaws is longer or shorter than the other side.

Dr. Jacks will discuss the specifics of your case:

  1. Review your health history.
  2. Perform a clinical exam and review any necessary x-rays.
  3. Discuss your diagnosis with you and your orthodontist.
  4. Discuss the appropriate level of anesthesia (general anesthesia in an operating room).
  5. Pre-op and Post-op details.
  6. Scheduling and fees.

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