Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions:  The Board Certified Oral Surgeon Advantage 

Got wisdom teeth (3rd molars)?  Not sure what to do?  

Dr. Jacks has researched, published, lectured in the hundreds and performed wisdom teeth surgeries in the tens-of-thousands.  He'll tell you everything you need to know. Your pre-surgery consultation will involve an educational video (starring Dr. Jacks):

Dr. Jacks will discuss the specifics of your case: 

  1. Review your health history.
  2. Perform a clinical exam and review any necessary x-rays.
  3. Discuss the appropriate level of anesthesia (local numbing shots, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation).
  4. Pre-op and Post-op details.
  5. Scheduling and fees.

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